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River Needham’s work straddles genres disciplines, and contexts, but has one important thread that runs through it-a desire to support people and communities in exploring in healthy and affirming ways how sexuality, gender, and stories are always working together to build something new, exciting, and pulsing with possibility. Where are you or your community being stretched, challenged, or drawn into new ways of being? How might River’s spiritual/theological work and lived experiences be in conversation with your own? What in you or your community needs healing? Affirmation? Instruction? Celebration? Contact River and imagine together what lays inside and ahead.

Have you been positively impacted by the work River does? Are you excited by the possibilities you see here and want to experience more?
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There are three main ways to support River.

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No matter how you choose to support River, know that they are deeply grateful for your support, and aim to live into the values that transform the world.