Crafting a Theology of Transgender Time

Defining theology as talking about God often can obfuscate the many philosophical components that go into theology. Temporality is one of these items that shifts and changes based on the philosophical system a theology is constructed from. For people like myself, change and time are the fundamental unit of existence – everything changes except for the instant in which it exists in the present.

Yet, the length of time held in that instant can shift and expand or contract. This shifting and expanding/contracting is a theological phenomenon, calling our human attention to the shifting crises and urgent needs for justice in our world.

It has been written, theology that does not liberate is not theology at all – justice is what theology that liberates looks like in the public sphere.

There are no more crises more apparent than ecological crises, which have been shown grace with the extended moment that humankind has been granted to act to save the earth and prevent the oncoming climate catastrophe. That grace or the extended time that humankind has had to respond has been shifting and ending for many years and continues to end today. That moment or instant has lasted longer than a fraction of a second, extending into years of an instant.

This grows and grows in applications. We can even consider gender transition as a moment where the time frame of becoming – the rate of eschata shifts, marking a difference in the perception of and actuality of time before and after.

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