There have been a few questions about my commitments, both personally and theologically. Here’s a page to clear up any confusion and allow you to ask questions.

I believe that humans, each and every one are made in the image and likeness of God. This means that we have divinity imprinted into our very being and that we are each gifts and treasures beyond our own imagination. This starting point is where everything else flows from.

I believe that because of the image of God, humans have autonomy over their bodies and lives. We have intelligence and love. We have emotions and reason. We can hold these in creative tension and make things happen in relationship, both with ourselves and with the universe.

I believe in liberation. Specifically, I believe in Black liberation, queer, and transgender liberation. I believe in fat liberation. The systems of White Supremacy and (cis hetero-)sexism hold all of humankind down, and only by dismantling them (particularly from my social location as a White person) can I participate in the collective work of freedom from the kyriarchy.

I believe that in relationality we are all always becoming and changing in regards to each other and the universe. We are always changing – and this is good news. I believe Black Lives Matter, and that pushes me to make choices and decisions to ensure that Black Lives start Mattering more in the future. (And also the lives of those other people of color.) I have seen how systems of oppression interact and multiply. Intersectional analysis is essential, and I don’t trust white people to do it unless done in conversation with and with accountability to communities of color.

The world is changing. It will keep changing. I can’t wait to see where it all turns out.